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At Briggs & Stratton Racing we continue to work on improving our products to meet the needs of our customers and the racing industry.

The result of polls, customer inquires, dealer and track owner requests led to the creation of a NEW, low-cost, entry-level racing engine from Briggs & Stratton. A racing engine that can bring new racers into our sport and can be built as they progress in racing. A PROVEN engine raced out of the box with ease of maintenance on a level playing field.

The LOCAL OPTION 206 engine is designed to do just that. An engine based off of the Animal (an engine with proven durability, repeatability, and dependability) with simplified rules that can be added into any track program today. It's an entry-level engine that advances as you advance in racing.

LO206 addresses other engine packages' shortfalls:

• It grows as you grow in racing. This engine can be built as you progress in the sport.

• Defined rules. LOCAL OPTION 206, based off an Animal, has defined tolerances and rules dating back over 7 YEARS.

• Claimer classes don't work. People are willing to lose money to gain the advantage and claimer classes create controversy, not a level playing field.

• Racing right from the box. Why remove parts on a product that was never intended for racing? Is it durable, reliable, and does it meet industry safety standards?

• Eliminating the large variances in spring pressures in other engine packages - A PVL digital ignition system set at 6,100 rpm +/- 1%. No need for cheater springs or sifting through springs for spring pressure advantages.

• Controlling costs and leveraging creative thinking. A custom seal keeps the bottom-end of the engine stock. A factory installed ground cam, dedicated tooling/dies provide proven consistency.

• Simplifying the tech process. With a simple check to ensure the integrity of the seal, tech is confined to a handful of tools on the top-end of the engine

• We all LOVE to race but we don't like to spend all night in the tech barn.

• INSTANT integration into your local program. This is a plug and race program that feeds into your current and future class structures.

• Accessibility at over 150 dealers within the United States.

• Designed and HAND-BUILT in the United States from a leader in the racing industry (with 100 years in engine manufacturing.)

• Welcome to the Animal Nation!

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Briggs & Stratton Racing

Model #124332 8201W
List Price $599.00 ea.
Flat Shipping $25.00
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Briggs & Stratton Racing
Jr LO 206 w/ Clutch

Model #124332-8202W
(Max-Torque, 17 tooth gear)
List Price $599.00 ea.
Flat Shipping $25.00

Briggs & Stratton Racing
LO 206 Short Block

Part #555715
List Price $281.00 ea.
Flat Shipping $25.00
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